News: Watch This Woman Freak the Hell Out in Horror VR

Watch This Woman Freak the Hell Out in Horror VR

Virtual reality and horror were meant for each other. You'll get all the positive aspects of experiencing a terrifying situation such as excitement and an adrenaline rush, without any of the real-life consequences, like being ripped to shreds by a herd of flesh-eating monsters.

The experience might prove to be too much for some though, like this poor woman who got a little more than she bargained for while playing The Brookhaven Experiment for the HTC Vive.

She begins the game with a nervous smile on her face, but it will quickly disappear.

Image by Karl&RenateVR/YouTube

The smile is gone once the game begins. Our heroine nervously spins about, trying to see if anything is coming her way. She spots a monster in the distance and opens fire, but her hand is trembling so hard that she's unable to shoot straight.

Image by Karl&RenateVR/YouTube

She attempts to politely ask the monsters if they could please die, as she is struggling to score hits with her handgun. Unfortunately, this strategy is very ineffective.

Image by Karl&RenateVR/YouTube

The monsters disregard her courteous pleading and surround her. On the bright side, their proximity gives our heroine a larger target, and she's able to drop a couple of the monsters.

Image by Karl&RenateVR/YouTube

The monsters continue to close in. What the caption writer calls a "gentle spook" would more accurately be described as a "blood curdling murder howl of despair."

Image by Karl&RenateVR/YouTube

This is a much better caption:

Image by Karl&RenateVR/YouTube

Somehow, she manages to survive the first wave of monsters. However, she expresses no happiness in her victory, as all that she's won is the chance to continue on in this horrifying reality. There's probably a German word for this exact feeling.

Image by Karl&RenateVR/YouTube

Fortunately, this is just virtual reality, and you can just pull your visor off when shit gets too real. But back in the real world, you might have to go explain to your neighbors (or the police) that "No, nobody was actually getting murdered in my apartment. I swear."

Image by Karl&RenateVR/YouTube

And that's it. This woman probably won't be venturing back into The Brookhaven Experiment any time soon. At the very least, her neighbors will probably appreciate it.

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