News: Get Trippy on the Vive with OmniPudding's Cube-Based Particle Simulator

Get Trippy on the Vive with OmniPudding's Cube-Based Particle Simulator

Want proof that user experiences matter? Look no further than the HTC Vive and Omnipudding's particle generator, GPU Cubes VR, which lets you interact with thousands of colorful, cubic particles in a black void. If this was a simulator for your computer only, controlled with a mouse or keyboard, you'd be bored in seconds—but it's just simple, instant fun on the Vive.

The video above shows you a first-person perspective of the hypnotic cube-based gravitational fields created by the Vive controllers. It's cool to watch, but doesn't necessarily demonstrate what it's like to manipulate all those little particles.

UploadVR offers up a mixed reality capture video of the app, complete with a soundtrack, which makes it feel like they jumped inside a music visualizer app and took full control of it. It goes to show how much a different method of interaction can completely change something relatively boring into something incredibly fun. That's the power of room scale VR.

If you've got a Vive, you can download GPU Cubes VR for free. If not, it's still pretty fun to watch.

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Cover image by Omnipudding

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