Forum Thread: Naturnica Keto - How Fast Will I Lose Weight

Naturnica Keto Herbalife. It's the holy grail of network marketing. The leader in the health and wellness industry. Possibly one of the greatest MLM companies ever created.Medifast Momentum Review: The foods don't taste much different than the regular items. And, of course you are paying a bit more. In the weeks that I did try this, I did lose a little bit more weight on a little less exercise. I didn't feel shaky or light headed or jittery or anything like that. And my experience wasn't much different than being on the 5 plus 1 except for a bit more Weight Loss. Ultimately though, I stopped this after a month because frankly my results were very good without this and I wanted to get in the habit of exercise because I liked the lean lines it gave my body and how much better it made me feel. This is a personal choice though.

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